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Taking Away the Stress of Owning and Rental Property and quality of service for Landlords across Suffolk

Suffolk Conversion is a rent to rent company run by a highly experienced team of property experts. Headed up by Nina Robinson, a residential surveyor, we are able to remove the stress and hassle of owning and renting an HMO and providing a fixed steady income to property owners. We look after everything, from finding and vetting tenants right down to organising cleaners to make sure your property is kept in great shape. 

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What We Do

There are a number of benefits to landlords when using Suffolk Conversion so we thought we would list them out for you below!

Guaranteed Monthly Income

Why risk having an empty room and losing money when we can set up a formally agreed income stream for you.

Cleaning Service

We organise regular cleaning of your property to make sure it remains in good condition throughout the management period.

Tenant Vetting and Credit Checks

We make sure that all tenants are vetted and credit checked so the right people are selected and problems are avoided.

No Voids

Our processes make sure there are no rental voids so you will always have tenants in and always have an income.

No Risks

The is no risk when using Suffolk Conversion. We simply make sure your property is yielding a great return.

Vacant Possession on Handback

When our agreement comes to an end you will never be left with tenants to deal with. We guarantee vacant possession on handback.

Our Expert Team

Our team of property experts is headed up by Nina Robinson who has been a residential surveyor since 1986. Nina knows Suffolk intimately and has experience in property across most of the county. She brings a wealth of property knowledge to Suffolk Conversions and that knowledge benefits all our clients.